Pear and cherry baked oatmeal

Okay, let me set the tone for this blog for a sec: oatmeal, bananas and chocolate. Sweets, baked goods and dessert. That’s it. Well, it is for now. I like baking, breakfast and cake. I like it a lot. So here you go: a vegan food blog with brekkie and baking recipes.

Baked oatmeal is the perfect combination of all of these: it’s oats and banana so it classifies as breakfast. And it has to go into the oven, so it classifies as baked goods. Sign me up for that!

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Almond milk – plain, vanilla, chai and chocolate –

Almond milk, one of the basics in my kitchen. I often buy my plant milk in the store because it’s just the easiest option, but actually there really is no excuse to not make it myself. The recipe is so ridiculously easy and it’s not extremely time-consuming either. Plus, home-made plant milk is way healthier since there are no additives ànd you can make whatever flavour you want.  Win-win right here.

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