1. A #lesswaste journey: my first steps

I’m not exactly the environmentalist queen but #zerowaste is all the rage now and it’s contagious (read: inspirational).

Aside from being vegan (read hereΒ  and here why going vegan is the best thing to do for the environment), I feel like I’ve got a -perhaps only medium- long way to go until I deserve the title of #consciousconsumer (buzz word alert!).

Here’s my first list of baby steps I’m taking towards becoming an environmentalist princess (because in order to become a queen, one has to be a princess first, right?).

1. Refuse the plastic bag.

Perhaps the easiest one of all and my personal favorite as I’m a tote fanatic: take a tote to the shops and refuse the plastic at the check-out. A tote weighs nearly nothing and takes just a little space in your bag. Another advantage: it’s way more stylish(!) and better at carrying the weight of your groceries than any plastic bag.

2. Portable coffee cup

Aha! This one is a good one. A frequent coffee on-the-go buyer? Yeah, me too. Think about all the carton cups you buy and, more importantly, throw out. Buy yourself a gorgeous cup you keep in your bag and you’ll never have to throw one out again. They’re *extremely* popular now so rest assured, you’ll find one to your liking. And if you ever were looking to cut down on (let’s just admit it: kind of unnecessary) expenses: you could totally take your home-made coffee with you and you’ll still be sipping your classy coffee on the go.

coffee cup
RCup (I got mine here).


3. Bring a bottle.

I always always always have my old pink Tupperware water bottle with me but there are so many cute and practical ones on the market right now that there’s actually no valid excuse anymore to buy plastic single use water bottles. It makes drinking water so much cheapers and accesible too! Just get yourself a reusable water bottle already, will you?

4. Ditch the disposables.

Ditching disposable plates can be a real struggle when having to buy food on the go but bringing your own cutlery is not as much of a burden. Buy yourself a cute set of reusable cutlery so you can ditch the disposable fork, knife and spoon. A single set takes barely no space in your bag and you get to say no to yet some more single use plastic. I always have some cutlery with me, just in case.

5. Cut down on the cotton pads.

Cotton pads were not the first thing I thought of when I was thinking about the waste I produce but one day taking my make-up off it just hit me. Everyday I used at least one or two cotton pads. And we’re three women in my household. Just do the math for a second, that’s a lot of cotton pads. So I bought myself some reusable ones. You use them, wash them, use them again. Easy as pie.

Reusable cotton pads (I got mine here).


6. Bubble your own soda.

I don’t really drink soda water or soda in general but my family does. A bottle of soda water each day, I’ll let you do the counting of how many bottles that is in a lifetime. Okay, I’ll tell you: A LOT. So we got a Soda Stream. So we can make our own bubbling water. It’s fun!

7. Skip the straw.

I’m sure you’ve seen the ads, campaings, Instagram posts/rants, … But they have a point. Sure, presenting your pretty drinks with colourful straws is cute and all but it’s just so much single use plastic! Straws are even more cute when they are reusable. Buy yourself some bamboo or metal straws and you’re good to go!

Metal straws (I got mine here).

I bought mine from the Belgian webshop ZaralimaΒ (follow on Instagram right here) owned by Sofie Senden. She sells eco-friendly and fair-trade clothing and totes, reusable straws and grocery bags, gorgeous key chains and so on. She uses the profits of her webshop to support her animal sanctuary. She saves donkeys, sheep, chickens, … and cares for them in her backyard. Follow her on Instagram and Youtube to have an insight in her pretty cool life and see for yourself how damn cute her animals are.


Well, that’s it for now.Β  I’m going to try and make this into a series – fingers crossed I’ll actually get out some more blog posts on this topic.

Let me know what your #zerowaste are via Instagram, e-mail or slide into my DM’s.

xxx Silke

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