#1 What I Eat In A Week Running Season: 5 February – 11 February

First WIE! And we’re starting of with a very weird, hectic and busy week right away. On the 4th of Feb I moved back to Belgium after spending a semester in Italy. I moved back in with my parents, I have to share a kitchen with my family again and can’t cook for myself every evening anymore (sad sad sad, I loved cooking for myself).

This week is going to be crazy: get my room back in order, buy some stuff, revamp the Insta, official start of my running program, reunite with friends and family, … The list goes on and on!

Oh well, let’s dive into the madness!

Hope you enjoy,

With all my love,


DISCLAIMER 1 : I don’t add my portion sizes nor the nutritional info for these blogs. I don’t track either kcals or macros and refuse to do so since I have a past of disordered eating. I aim to eat as intuitively as possible (it’s a journey). Always remember that a healthy lifestyle involves both a healthy mind and a healthy diet, whatever that may consist of for you personally.

DISCLAIMER 2: none of the links in this article are affiliate links or sponsorships. All opinions are my own. I link the products for your convenience and for transparency from my part.

Monday 5 February

This was my first day back in La Belgique: unpacking, shopping, more unpacking.

7.30 a.m.: I woke up naturally, no alarm involved. I didn’t sleep very well and I was still pretty tired but very determined to go running to go clear my head and make me feel better – post-Erasmus depression is a very real thing, people.

Right after waking up, I drank 1/2 l of water and took my supplements: magnesium tablets, probiotics, B12 (responsible vegan gal right here) and a turmeric supplement.

I got up and made my running program (a bit late, but hey, I was still in time, right?).

9 a.m.: Pre-run brekkie! My standard pre-run is fruitpap and a decaf coffee with a dash of plant milk. This morning it was Oatly milk (my absolute fave!) but I prefer soy before running, just to get in a little protein. Today’s fruitpap was made with half a grapefruit instead of half an orange, which made it a bit sour even though I added a date as well. For those not familiar with fruitpap, here is my blog post about it.

I like having my pre one to one and a half hour in advance, just for digestion’s sake. This is not a very big nor a heavy breakfast, so this time is spot on (for me and my body ofc), but if you like having a heavier or larger meal before your run, I’d suggest leaving more time in between eating and working out.

10.30 a.m.: 5 mile run. It was harder than usual and in the end I was drenched in sweat, but this run served its purpose: I felt amazing afterwards! During and right after the run I drank half a liter of water, on my way home I downed another half liter.

12.30 a.m.: After showering, I had a couple of prunes and more water. I was starving, but the kitchen was occupied so I had to wait a bit for a decent meal.

1 p.m.: Time to eat, yey! I was starving at this point haha. For lunch I made a granola bowl with chocolate protein pudding (30 grams of the MyProtein Vegan Blend, a mashed banana, 2 tsp of raw cacao and a dash of milk; mix!), granola (very clean granola: just oats, seeds and nuts), 2 teaspoons of flax seeds and a bit of Oatly milk. As a little dessert I had a Berry Delight Nakd bar. This lunch isn’t fancy or very original, but it’s yummy, convenient and satisfying: perfect on busy days like this one!

4 p.m.: I was still pretty full from lunch but felt like having a ginger kombucha from Karma Kombucha. My love for booch is unreal.

6 p.m.: Din din time. I made my parents a dish I cooked for myself a lot during my semester abroad: palak tofu with mushrooms and cashews, along with chickpeas, roasted sweet potato and raw pepper. Oh and of course a dollop of yoghurt and a sh*tload of sriracha. Yum! My parents loved it, even my dad was a huge fan – which is surprising since the dish involves a TON of spinach and is about as green as a dish can be.

8 p.m.: My after-dinner snack: soy yogurt with an apple, some raspberries, granola, maca powder and hazelnut butter. And another Nakd bar (woops), the Cacao Orange this time.

I usually close my eating window by 8 p.m. at the latest as I try to fast for 13-14h. I won’t get into it too much as of now because it’s a complicated subject and I’m still figuring it back out now that I’ve moved and I’m trying to build a new routine.

Tuesday 6 February

7.30 a.m.: wakey wakey – with the alarm this time! Same drill as yesterday: half a liter of water and supplements right after opening my eyes.

8 a.m.: a decaf coffee as a pre-workout. I used to drink regular coffee as a pre, but I try to (this is hard hard hard) avoid caffeine as part of my anti-inflammatory plan so decaf it is for now. I have high hopes for the placebo effect of it (silly naive me).

8.30 a.m.: muscle work in da gym! On my not-run days I do strength. My strength training revolves around the 4 basics: squats, bench press, dead lifts and lunges. I add in some supersets, these vary every time. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I focus more on upper body for these supersets. Lower body is Saturday’s focus for Sunday is rest day. Off-running season I like to focus more on lower body, but my legs are enduring hard training already and I’d like to avoid any overtraining in order to avoid injuries (I bet you knew that by now).

10.30 a.m.: showered and all freshened up, but not hungry. Normally I wouldn’t eat until I got hungry but this busy girl had activities to attend to so food it was. I ate an apple to break my 14 1/2 hours of fasting and followed that with a granola bowl (again): soy yogurt with MyProtein Vegan Blend, 1 banana en maca powder, topped with granola and pistachios.

3 p.m.: 1 date with pistachio butter and 1 date with hazelnut butter plus a bottle of Karma Kombucha ginger booch as a pre-lunch snack. I was hungry, don’t judge.

3.30 p.m.: lunch lunch lunch! Today it was a huge salad of marinated kale, roasted sweet potato, sauerkraut, a red pepper, white beans and 1/4 of an avocado all drizzled with sriracha, alongside a green tea. I meal prepped the kale and the sweet tators so I could have salads for lunch all week, I’m stoked.

5.30 p.m.: apple granola bar – very clean ingredients once again. FOTO

6.45 p.m.: I made my parents the lentil mushroom bolognese that I ate a lot in Italy for dinner. I guess this week’s dinner theme is: Silke makes whatever she ate during the semester, let her prove she can cook. So this evening I ate lentil mushroom bolognese with wholewheat penne, kale, nutritional yeast (from now on refered to as ‘nooch’) and sriracha.

Dinner was the last thing I ate today, I didn’t get hungry after. My IF mindset is: relax and listen to your body. I feel my best when I do an extended fast, but on days that it’s not convenient and whenever I’m on my period I don’t intentionally fast. I feel like that’s the healthiest appraoch for me personally – both physically and mentally.

Wednesday 7 February

7 a.m.: I have a ton to do today so I put my alarm – which is one of those that wake you up throught lighting up your room. I was still tired although I got my 8h of sleep in so tomorrow the alarm will be set half an hour later or I’ll try to put my phone down earlier tonight (I know, bad habit. We can’t be perfect, right?)

Same routine: half a liter of water and supplements.

7.30 a.m.: a cup of decaf coffee as a pre-run.

8 a.m.: on the treadmill for my interval run! This might be just my favourite run of the enitre week, but it kills me every.time.again. Today’s plan is 15 minutes easy run as a warm-up, then 15 intervals of 30 sec. on – 25 sec. off and then 15 minutes of incline walk followed by a half hour stretching session and some handstand practice. I was drenched in sweat to say the least – great way to start a Wednesday!

10 a.m.: absolutely starving at this point! I break my fast with a kiwi and made a granola bowl once again: protein pudding (1 banana, soy yogurt, MyProtein Vegan Blend and maca) topped with apple and nuts and seeds granola, 1 more banana, cacao nibs and some more yogurt. As a dessert to my brekkie I ate 2 rice cakes with pb&j (of course pb from 100% peanuts and sugarfree j). I absolutely love pb&j, the addiction is very real and near-ridiculous! It’s almost a running joke among my friends.

12 a.m.: some coconut water as a little snack. I would say I drink it for the sole purpose of replenishing electrolytes etc. etc. but actually that’s just the bonus because I just like it for the taste.

1 a.m.: salad bowl for lunch: marinated kale and roasted sweet potato, tomatoes, pan-fried tofu, sauerkraut and sprouts of some kind with a dollop of soy yogurt and a drizzle of sriracha. Yogurt is my prefered dressing for a salad, it’s so creamy and fresh!

6 p.m.: post-walkies snackerdysnacksnack with a cacao orange Nakd bar and 2 small apples. I am at a friend’s house and am going to get home for at least another hour. Usually I avoid snacking because I know myself: once I start snacking I don’t stop and snacks turn into meals, uncoordinated ones that consist of whatever. Sometimes however, like today, I find myself in a situation where there’s no option but snacks. For those times I always have just a little something something with me, like fruit or a bar. And yummy it was.

7.30 p.m.: dinner time. Aubergine, red pepper and marinated tofu baked in a pan with some marinated kale, sprouts and roasted sweet potato topped with coconut yogurt and sriracha (what else?). After that some dried figs with almond butter and a coconut granola bar.

Thursday 8 February

7 a.m.: wakey wakey for another busy day! I got nine hours of sleep but still pretty tired, planning to sleep in this weekend. As per usual: water and supplements. No coffee this morning.

7.45 a.m.: on to the stairmaster and row machine in the gym and then a full-body strength session with focus on upper body – my arms are absolutely dead and won’t serve any purpose tomorrow.

10 a.m.: breaking the fast with an apple. I’m driving to Antwerp because it’s my mum’s birthday and we’re celebrating with brunch!

10.45 a.m.: brunch at Plant B in Antwerp. This little brunch/lunch/coffee place only recently opened in the middle of the historic centre and we’re already absolutely in love with it. I had a Spicy Hazelnut Latte, a fruit breakfast (soy yogurt topped with red fruit) and oatmeal with banana and peanut butter. So good! The coffees at this place are to die for.

1 p.m.: home from the city and feeling a little peckish but not really hungry yet so I’m sipping on some coconut water.

2 p.m.: lunch is a pepper, pineapple and vegan chicken pieces stir-fry with kale, a dollop of coconut yogurt and sriracha (ofc). And as I’m fancying something sweet I’m topping it off with some rye bread with almond butter and date paste topped with cacao nibs – I feel a new obsession coming.

4 p.m.: my hunger is doing weird things today. Maybe because there was some agave in my brekkie, which I’m not used to bc I don’t use sweeteners when I’m making my own brekkie, but who knows? Anyway, I’m having a little protein shake of banana, MyProtein Vegan Blend and some Oatly Original. Easypeasy but so good and filling.

7.30 p.m.: that smoothie held me over for a very long time so dinner is once again a pretty late one. Tonight I’m opting for a salad-bowl-thingy with roasted sweet potato, sauerkraut, kale massaged in avocado, lemon and nooch, some cucumber, stir-fried pepper and the leftovers of the vegan chicken pieces. Oh and coyo and sriracha obviously, do I still have to mention that? And atm I’m contemplating a little dessert but I’m not sure yet bc this bowl was pretty filling. Oh who am I kidding? Just count on it that I’ll have a date with almond butter and cacao nibs.

Friday 9 February

7.45 am.: time to get up, but first things first: water and supplements.

8.30 a.m.: on the treadmill for a 4.5 mile run – fasted. I haven’t run fasted in a very very long time. It felt quite nice but I think the run might be a tad easier with a bit of fuel in my body. I’ll test it next week. I’m ending this run with a big stretch session.

10 a.m.: I came back home damn hungry so I’m having some grapefruit right away to break the fast.

10.15 a.m.: real brekkie. I have some applesauce in the fridge that needs to be used, so I’m having cinnamon applesauce proats (for those not familiar with this concept: proats = protein powder + oats), with some chia pudding, Pip and Nut almond butter and coconut granola.

2 p.m.: catching-up lunch with a friend at Tinsel, a cute little coffee/lunch place in Antwerp. I’m having a latte with soy milk (I’m allowing myself cafein when out for lunch) and the couscous falafel salad – soooo yummy!

5.45 p.m.: pretty early dinner as my sis has somewhere to be this evening, but I’m not really hungry yet so I’m just having a bit of my family’s dinner: rice stir-fry with green beans and carrots, kale, marinated tofu topped with pb, soy sauce and sriracha.

7.30 p.m.: as I didn’t have a big dinner, I’m making dessert: applesauce with a bit of soy yogurt and granola.

Saturday 11 February

7 a.m.: today I could finally sleep in for a bit, but of course I naturally wake up at 7. My dad says I looked well-rested though (don’t feel like it). Oh well, on to the business of the day then: first water and supps.

7.45 a.m.: breaking the fast with kiwis

8.15. a.m.: a decaf coffee and cacao-cinnamon-maca oats with dates, banana, hazelnut butter and cacao nibs as a pre-workout. On the weekends, the gym only opens at 9, plus it’s heavy leg day so I can use some fuel. In hindsight – I could’ve figured- this meal was not long enough before the gym but 9 really was the only time I could go #busygalproblems.

9 a.m.: hitting the gym starting on the stairmaster – warming up them legs – and then some rowing as an upper-body warm up. After that a strength routine focusing on my legs as tomorrow is rest day and I won’t need them for sporty purposes.

12 a.m.: all dead from that work-out, and so hungry too. I’m making myself a protein yogurt ( = MyProtein Vegan Blend, mashed banana and soy yogurt) bowl topped with a peach, coconut granola and cacao nibs.

2 p.m.: some grapes and a Nakd cacao bar as a little snack before heading out with two of my crazy friends to go rollerskating on this lovely sunny day. It was so much fun!

5 p.m.: although it was all lovely and sunny outside, the cold got to us. So back home, we’re eating my mom’s pumpkin soup with sriracha.

7.30 p.m.: Mom’s procrastinated birthday dinner at Bites and Wines, a family favourite as their food is simply divine! I’m having the marinated tofu with red rice and pumpkin chutney, stir-fried cabbage, an oven-roasted apple stuffed with flax seeds, almonds and raisins and a chestnut sauce (EDIT: I’m re-reading my post before publishing it and I’m drooling again). As dessert they’re offering double chocolate cake with almond frosting and a strawberry cheesecake so we’re taking two of each and sharing. (Surprise: the chocolate was my favourite.)

Sunday 11 February

7 a.m.: same old story. I get to sleep in but I’m wide awake by 7. Today I’m doing some laptop work right out of the comfort of my own bed though, out of pure stubborness.

10 a.m.: a bowl of kiwi, grapefruit and orange to break the fast, followed by cacao proats with hazelnuts, desicated coconut and sesame seeds!

4.45 p.m.: I’m slightly ashamed to admit that I’m turning into on of those people that forget to eat. Although it’s my restday, I’ve been very busy. Extremely busy! So it’s now quarter to five and I’m only now noticing I’m hungry, time for salad! Afterwards I ate some dates with cacao nibs.

picture from my Instagram

7.50 p.m.: hungry again. It’s just all over the place today, isn’t it. Oh well, I’m just listening to my body. And since it’s weird already today, I’m making myself a green smoothie bowl with granola and a kiwi for dinner, followed by rice cakes with almond butter, date paste and cacao nibs.

Sunday Evening Thoughts

So how do I feel about this week’s eats? I definitely ate our more than I’m used to. I prefer cooking my own food at home. As I’m looking for a new routine, the trend seems to be one of three bigger meals and almost no snacking. I feel like snacking only leads to eating more, so I rather make a decent meal when I get hungry. Overall I’m pretty pleased with this week of eating. I’m keen to see what next week brings as the new semester kicks off.

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