My 2018 running season: why, what, how?

So my running season has officially started. I’ve been prepping since the first of Jan, tweaking my pre- and post-workouts, testing my body and pinpointing my weaknesses – – physically that is – and working out the kinks. But now it’s on to serious business.

My running shoes and I, we have a love-hate relationship. It’s mostly love but sometimes I just feel like throwing them out of the window. They’re – together with the squat rack – my main form of therapy.

When I first started running it was out of pure stuborness. I didn’t like running – or any sports for that matter – and my stamina was not even nearly existent. All I wanted was to be able to prove to everyone that I was in fact able to run the twelve minute running test at high school. Twelve minutes of running seemed like an eternity back then and I hated every minute, even every second, of training.

But when the time for the test came, I ran the damn thing. Not fast, not fast at all and absolutely not with any drift. Just out of pure stuborness. That’s how it went with the following 5K Color Run I decided to participate in with some friends. I also ran that damn thing and crossed the finish line very, very colorful.

Somewhere along the way I started to like running. A lot. So I ran a lot. I said a lot, not long. The love for distances only came later – not everything at once, right? After a while, it was too much and I went back to not like running. Just when I identified with ‘being a runner’. This is where the love-hate relationship comes into play.

When I’m running a ton for a very extended period of time, it throws me off – hard. So my solution: running seasons. I get very seriously about training once a year with a very specific goal in mind and I put everything towards it. The rest of the year I’ll do my other sporty thingy’s and some minor running here and there so by the time it’s running season again, I’m beyond stoked about it and motivated as hell.

I’ve explained why I started running but why am I still doing it? Oh well, why not? It clears my mind, challenges me both mentally and physically, contributes to my health and happiness, keeps (or gets) me in shape, … But most of all, running is my way of dealing with life and my emotions. Not convinced? Check out the infographic below.

running benefits

On to diet then. During the eleven following weeks of training, I’ll be posting What I Eat’s right here on the blog. My diet will be as clean as possible and will only get cleaner the closer we come to race day. By avoiding refined food (oil, sugar, sweeteners, etc.) as much as possible – this means in my own kitchen as well as outside of it, I hope to significantly reduce the risk of inflammation in my body and give my body everything it needs to recover quickly providing it with efficient and proper nutrition.

Long story short: it’s running season again. Very specific goal this year: the 10 miles of Antwerp on April 22. Preparation done, training time: 12 weeks. So excited, let’s go.

I’ll keep you up to date!

Are you a runner? Leave a comment or hit me up and let’s chat!

With all my love,


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