Elements for Life: brownies and hot choc (+ discount code!)

T’is the season to eat chocolate falalalalaa-lalalala. (Please tell me you sang it in your head.) But let’s be honest, when is it not the season to eat chocolate? Chocolate is an all day, everyday kind of thing.

This blog post has been long coming, but I’m queen at procrastinating, it’s almost shameful. You’d think that writing about brownies and hot chocolate would be something I wouldn’t want to postpone, but without making excuses for myself, I rather just watch, photograph and eat the chocolatey goodness than write about it. Honestly though, I’m drooling behind my laptop screen just looking at the pics of all this yumminess.

A while ago, ElementsForLife has sent me a package with some of their delightful products. I was the happiest girl ever when I got their YummyScrummy Raw Chocolate Brownies, ChocOmega Brownies and three kinds of Raw Cacao Hot Chocolate mixes in my mail box to try out. At the end of this post, you can find a discount code if you’d want to try these products out for your own (believe me, you want to!).

YummyScrummy Raw Chocolate Brownies: my absolute favourite!

Ingredients: Raw Cacao Butter and Powder and Nibs, Dates, Walnuts, Natural Fruit Extracts (apples,grapes and carob), Raisins, Brazil Nuts, Goji Berries



This thing is second to none, unmatched, unparalleled,… whatever word you can think of to express that it’s the best damn brownie out there. Oh trust me, I’m not  exaggerating.  The ingredients are so clean and the taste is ridiculously addicting: chocolatey, sweet, … Yummy scrummy is the only right way to describe their flavour. Healthy treats that are this yummy just make me feel so ecstatic.

I got one of these last year in a SourcedBox (a healthy snack subscription box) and I was immediately hooked. Then one of my besties got me some for my 20th birthday (happiest birthday ever) because she had read my rant about these brownies’ deliciousness on my Insta and then I even got some more in my mail box. As you can tell, it’s a long love story and it won’t be ending any time soon.


ChocOmega Brownies

Ingredients: Dates, Walnuts, Goji Berries, Virgin Coconut Oil, Raw Cacao Butter, Coconut Chips, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Sprouted Buckwheat, Lucuma, Algaroba



Once again, such a clean ingredient list and so much flavour! These brownies taste a little less chocolatey as the Yummy Scrummy ones but I still cannot get enough of these. Mindblowingly delicious.

Both brownies are so rich and dense, you actually feel like you’ve eaten something that’s good for you and fill you up. I don’t know about you guys, but in my modest opinion, that’s a win-win situation.


Raw Cacao Hot Chocolate

Ingredients Original Raw Hot Chocolate: Raw Cacao Powder (50%), Coconut Blossom Sugar, Vanilla Powder
Ingredients Spiced Raw Hot Chocolate: Raw Cacao Powder (50%), Coconut Blossom Sugar, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Vanilla
Ingredients Fiery Raw Hot Chocolate: Raw Cacao Powder (50%), Coconut Blossom Sugar, Jamaican Red Chilli



What better to drink on a cold winter day than hot chocolate? Secretly we all know that hot choc is the only option when it’s chilly outside. The mixes from ElementsForLife are so easy to make yourself a big mug of chocolate milk, or a liter of it for that matter.

I know I could drink hot choc the entire day on a winter day, cuddled up in my blanket and binge-watching series. Oh those cozy feels.

These mixes are so convenient: you just mix some of the powder with a bit of warm *plant* milk, stir it into a paste and add the rest of the warm milk. Perfect for extremely lazy days!

To be entirely honest though, I always add a bit more cacao powder when I use one of these hot choc powder mixes. They’re a bit sweet for my taste, I like my chocolatey drinks a bit more dark-chocolatey.

Except for the fact that I think they’re a bit too sweet, the flavours are so on point! There’s nothing wrong with plain hot choc, but the spiced and fiery variety kind of stole my heart. The cinnamon in the spiced mix just adds that tiny bit of coziness and the chilli in the fiery one, well, let’s just say this girl likes her spice (even with her hot choc).


Also drooling over all this chocolatey goodness now? Oh, me too. Well, I’ve got something exciting for you then: a discount code! With the code PINEAPPLESNTEA you get 20% off of your first order on their webshop (except for gift cards and hampers). You’re welcome! (Oh, they’d also make a great Christmas present. Or birthday present, I can testify.)

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products by tagging me on Insta, sliding into my DM’s or e-mailing my through the contact form on the site.

With all my chocolate love,




I did not get paid to write this article. All opinions are my own and honest.

I do not earn commission through any of the links in this article.

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