Crunchy autumn muesli mix

If there is anything I need muesli to be, it’s crunchy. Muesli needs some crunch. If there is no crunch to it, nah thanks then. But I still need my oats. So that’s where the spelt flakes and the puffed rice come into play. And since variety in texture is everything, the addition of raisins and crispy apple makes of this muesli the purrrfect autumn brekkie for those days where you just want to hear the crispy leaves under your feet and enjoy those heavenly rays of autumn sun.

Crunchy autumn muesli mix

  • Servings: 6-10
  • Difficulty: very easy
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The perfect way to get the day started on a cozy autumn morning.


    -100 gramsย  oats

    -25 gramsย  puffed rice

    -50 grams spelt flakes

    -50 grams raisins

    -50 grams slivvered almonds

  • 25 grams apple crisps (home made or store bought and sliced)


  1. Preheat ย the oven for 160ยฐC.
  2. Once preheated, toast the oats for 12 minutes until slightly browned.
  3. Take the oats out of the oven and let cool.
  4. In a mason jar, combine the oats, puffed rice, spelt flakes, raisins, almonds and apple crisps.
  5. Eat as brekkie – or lunch/dinner/snack! Personally, I like to eat this muesli with fresh apple and home made almond chai milk (check out the recipe here).

Muesli is perfect to prepare ahead and in bulk, as a go-to breakfast or as breakfast-to-go with some yoghurt. You can easily play around with the ingredients and change their ratios to your liking. Experiment with it to discover your ultimate personal favourite muesli mix.




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