Almond milk – plain, vanilla, chai and chocolate –

Almond milk, one of the basics in my kitchen. I often buy my plant milk in the store because it’s just the easiest option, but actually there really is no excuse to not make it myself. The recipe is so ridiculously easy and it’s not extremely time-consuming either. Plus, home-made plant milk is way healthier since there are no additives ànd you can make whatever flavour you want.  Win-win right here.

almond milk

  • Difficulty: easy
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ingredients for 350 milliliters

  • 40 grams almonds
  • 350 ml filtered water

other supplies

  • cheesecloth
  • sieve
  • bowl



  1. Soak the almonds in filtered water overnight.
  2. Drain the almonds.
  3. Blend the almonds with 350 ml of filtered water for ca. 3 minutes or until the mylk is smooth and there are no chunks of almonds left to see.
  4. Place the cheesecloth in the sieve over a bowl.
  5. Poor the almond mylk into the cheesecloth.
  6. Squeeze the milk out until only almond pulp remains in the cheesecloth (see notes).

other flavours

For chocolate milk: add 3 teaspoons and 2 dates into the blender at step 3 of the recipe.

For chai milk: use 350 ml of (cooled) strong chai tea instead of filtered water and, if desired, add a date at step 3 of the recipe.

For vanilla milk: for vanilla milk, I just put in vanilla beans of which I have scraped out the seeds to use in another recipe. If you were to want your vanilla milk to be sweeter, you could add in one or two dates in step 3.

almond pulp

Do not throw away the almond pulp. You can mix it into smoothies or porridge or dry ans use as almond meal in other recipes. I usually dry mine to store until needed at 140°C for ca. 50 minutes and blend it into a powder.

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