Thumbprint almond cookies (low-carb high-protein)

As I recently faced some low blood sugar problems, I’ve been trying to research how to tweak my diet so I can avoid sugar highs and lows. I haven’t figured it out yet, but I’m trying very hard. One of the main things I found was that refined sugars are to be avoided and that fat and protein help stabilize blood sugar levels. And that’s just what I’m after. Never having cookies again, however, that’s not what I’m after. So I’m trying to create a perfect cookie recipe for both my taste buds and my blood sugar levels.

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Fluffy chocolate chip banana muffins

Taking a different turn with this new recipe. As I’m a very busy gal, creating recipes entirely from scratch, recipe testing and testing again, typing it out, taking pictures, … takes a damn long time. And as my blog is now officially one year old (!), I figured it was time to up the content while keeping (or upping) the quality of my blog posts. So here goes: a veganized series!

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1-ingredient creamy coconut butter

The story of the desicated coconut.

My love for desicated coconut comes and goes. Last summer I was in this experimentational cooking mood and the love for desicated coconut was very real.

The thing is, I often go shopping in this Moroccan store. They sell a lot of special spices, intersting nuts and seeds, ripe(!) fruit, … and desicated coconut. In bags of 700 grams.

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